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Volcanoes in Guatemala

Agua, Fuego & Acatenango are three of the most viewed Volcanoes in Guatemala that surround the town of Antigua, Guatemala. The photo below shows Fuego on the left and Volcano Acatenango on the right. This is looking south from Antigua.

volcano acatenango guatemala

Pacaya which is an active volcano which is only 18 miles from Guatemala City that provides an active show of lava flow and ahs clouds.

Toliman, Atitlan and San Pedro are 3 volcano’s that rise above Lake Atitlan which provide spectacular showers of lightening.

volcano on lago atitlan

Giving backdrop to the city of Querzaltenango, the Santa Maria Volcano is known to be the most attractive while the Santiaguito Volcano is classified as the youngest and most dangerous which gave a fierce display in 1902.