Guatemala vacation travel guide
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Guatemala Vacation Travel Guide

Many of the Festivals are held during Holy Week or Easter time throughout the country, so planning you visit during this time will guarantee a fun Vacation while getting to know the warmth of the local pueblos and population.

Although traveling throughout Guatemala is considered safe, there have been many crimes committed against foreigners and car jacking has become an everyday occurrence, especially in the major population areas including Guatemala City. Traveling after sunset throughout the rural areas of the country can be especially dangerous, so caution must be taken while visiting the Northern and Western sectors.

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All of the major population areas are located in the Southern half of the country, including Guatemala City, Quetzaltenango and Escuintla and except the Southern area and the vast lowlands of the “Peten” in the North, Guatemala is mountainous.

A small country, nearly 2/3 of Guatemala is made up of mountains and 33 Volcano’s are scattered throughout this ecologically diverse country, along with lush tropical rainforests, fertile growing plains, beautiful lakes and rivers.

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One of Guatemala’s principal tourist attractions is Tikal which is known as one of the worlds most spiritually energetic places on Earth. Once a booming Mayan metropolis of over 100,000 inhabitants with towering pyramids that are completely immersed in thick jungle, Tikal attracts archeologists from around the world and because of the combination of architectural ruins and the incredible nature of the surrounding jungle, Tikal has been declared a heritage of humanity. With over 3,000 structures that extend over 6 square miles, the ruins of Tikal includes palaces, temples, ceremonial platforms, terraces, plazas and many roads. Dating back to 600 B.C., Tikal was a major spiritual and political center.