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Hotels in Guatemala

When i first travelled to Guatemala in 1979, arriving with only $300 in my pocket and no credit card, i was able to spend nearly 10 weeks in country and still return by bus to Mexico with $100 (which got me back to California!). I stayed in a beautiful pension in Panajachel for most of my time in Guatemala for about $3/day and for food I traded time at an organic vegetarian restaurant and so paid no more then $2 a day for beer or other sundries. Now in collecting a list of hotels to offer my readers I discover that in Panajachel a budget hotel now costs at least $50/night! At least those hotels with a presence on the internet. Certainly upon arrival one could wander the back streets and find more inexpensive accommodations, perhaps rent a room in a private house. Here then is a small list of available hotels with nice rooms to rent in Guatemala.

Guatemala Forest View

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