Guatemala vacation travel guide
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Guatemala Travel Guide

The most colorful country in all of central America must be Guatemala. The women in their huipils, color coded to identify village, marital status, religion and wealth. The markets with fruits and crafts and the stunning natural scenery. Lago Atitlan and Panajachel certainly are world class destinations that all travelers to Guatemala must experience. Lake Atitlan is one of the most beautiful lake's in the world, clear waters surrounded by a ring of volcanoes. Many villages sprout upon the shores of the lake, most only accessible by boat or foot path. Even though these remote destinations lack modern highway access they offer much to the weary traveler including massage, Reiki, crystal healing, meditation and yoga retreats and jungle adventures.

lago Atitlan Guatemala

Lago Atitlan has numerous Indian villages around its shores. Life has changed little since the arrival of the conquistadores. World travellers come to Guatemala more to immerse themselves in the ancient Mayan culture than to shop for bargains in the many markets that are in all cities and towns.

Guatemala has impressive Mayan ruins, with Pyramids and old villages sprouting out of the tropical jungles. The volcanoes in Guatemala are the tallest of all central America.

Travel in Guatemala can be dangerous, especially in Guatemala city where car jackings occur frequently. Be street wise and travel in groups for the safest vacation experience.

The best time to travel in Guatemala is probably the dry season from November to May but the rainy season brings with it lower temperatures and lower prices plus greenery and flowers that are not available during the dry season.